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Our son,Zac is 13mths old. My friend gave the snuggle bunny to him when he was born and his bunny is his most favorite thing in the world! If I wash it,I have to tumble dry it before his next nap or he will NOT sleep! I give him his bunny,he holds it over his face and falls asleep within a few seconds..literally!! He often puts it in his mouth when he's crawling around so he can take it everywhere he goes..it is too adorable how much he loves it and I can safely say, on his behalf, that it's his most favorite toy in the whole world..and I think EVERY baby should have a snuggle bunny!! Thank you for an awesome product! Regards Julie and Zac

I live in the States and my aunt sent me a Snuggle Bunny before my daughter was born. She is now 2 and a half and she takes her "Night Night" EVERYWERE! She can't sleep without it. She tucks it up under her head and she rubs it's silky ears until she falls asleep. It is a bit dingy now and has very little stuffing left and she has rubbed a hole in it's ear. I am surprised there is anything left after what it's been through. Obviously a well made product!

Our daughter is now 2 1/2 and just adores her snuggle bunnies (she has 3 of them!) which are called bunny :) she wont go anywhere without them and it is what she wants to be comforted or go to sleep. Wonderful products! Have recommended them to friends and also bought one for one a friends daughter. Regards Anushka

I received a blankie when my daughter was born 9 months ago. When she sees her satin and fleece "boo" (thats what she says when she wants it) she immediately puts her head down, ready for cuddle and sleep. I also bought one for my sister's baby, and she is also extremely attached to hers. Thank you for a fantastic sensory cuddly :) I have been telling all new mommies about them. Can't wait for your fleece to arrive, will be ordering the bunny :) Best Regards, Angie Moms and Babes Workshops- Bergvliet

My daughter aged now 2 1/2 is addicted to her snuggle bunny which she calls " BeeBee" - she wont go anywhere without her "beeBee " and whobehold if we cant find him. highly recommended

I received a beautiful pack with a small blankie (fluffy one side and satin other) with the snuggle bunny too when my daughter was born 18 months ago. we named the snuggle bunny flopsy and it became her best sleeping pal! drama prevailed when flopsy recently disappeared (i fear he was flung from a moving pram unnoticed by mom!) and "other" flopsy was in the wash. my daughter cried for an hour solidly while i tried to lull her to sleep with a make-shift substitute, much to her disapproval. will be placing my order as soon as your shipment is in!!! thanks for a beautiful product. regards, vee (the not so observant mom!)

Since I got my daughter her Snuggle Bunny they are just about inseparable ~ she does not go ánywhere without it. Thank you for a fantastic product that is cuddly, sooths and calms at the same time. Regards, Michelle

My little one wont go to sleep without her bunny, she loves it :) Thanks for a wonderful product!! Regards, Kelly

My daughter simply loves her Snuggle Bunny, she cuddles it all the time. Its so soft and cuddly, even I cannot resist the bunny! Thanks for a great product! Regards Megan
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